Nazario Rizek arrived in the Dominican Republic in 1905, preceded by his parents, Salim and Altagracia, who had emigrated from Nazareth in 1898 and made their roots in this tropical land. In 1944, Nazario started a small business in San Francisco de Macorís, trading in cocoa and coffee. In 1961, the company then started exporting goods to the United States with the backing of General Cocoa Inc.

Nazario Rizek CxA started as a small family business. In 1965, on the advise of their commercial banks, they then decided to establish a company Nazario Rizek CxA. After the death of Mr. Nazario Rizek, his son, Hector José Rizek Llabily, took over the business, acquiring new plantations and modernizing the process of the production system.

By 1985, the effort and commitment of Nazario Rizek CxA had led to recognition as the pioneer and leading exporter of cocoa in the Dominican Republic, which position still holds to this day.

Today, Nazario Rizek CxA owns vast plantations and has over 9,000 small affiliated producers. It has placed its position as the largest and the best quality cocoa producer and exporter in the country with the support of an efficient team of professionals and a philosophy of development they continue to be innovative.